As a result of regulation and legislation around digital assets, this means that the TruFin Protocol may not be available in certain jurisdictions, or at all and the list of jurisdictions in each category may change over time.

Jurisdiction overview:

  • Users will not be accepted from the US, South Africa, Canada or India

  • Users from Kuwait, UAE, France, Sweden, Austria, New Zealand, Indonesia, South Korea, UK or Luxembourg must be classified, or self declare that they are professional/accredited investors.

  • All other users will be subjected to KYC/AML controls, however the need to be a professional investor is not necessary as long as the user has found the service on their own.

Country risk is monitored dynamically in reaction to imposition of new sanctions and updates from the FATF or other sources in addition to an annual review. The availability of the TruFin Protocol in different jurisdictions will therefore change over time.

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