Validator Selection

To reduce the risk impact of validator operations, and to increase decentralization, the TruFin Protocol partners with a small number of node operators, selectively chosen based on the following criteria:
  • Validator performance – For validators on the Polygon blockchain, several of the general metrics for assessing validator performance are particularly important, given the specific characteristics and requirements of the Polygon network. At TruFin, we assess partners based on their performance across key metrics such as: Uptime, Checkpoints signer, APR, and Delegated Stake.
  • Information security – Given the institutional focus of TruFin, node operators and their implementation of information security measures are a core part of the validator partner selection process. This ensures that our chosen partners are security-focused and aligned with the enterprise-grade security of the TruFin Protocol itself.
  • AML/KYC requirements – Although users can delegate their MATIC to any of the available network validators, TruFin works with partners who implement strict AML/KYC requirements during the onboarding process of their clients, ensuring funds are not pooled on the same validator as non-KYC’d non-AML’d wallets.